Announcement: I HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I am thrilled to announce that I now have my very own website with a domain name. I will not be using this site anymore, although I will be keeping it live. This site houses my blog, photography, and graphics that I've created. I've used SquareSpace and I am in love with it. There will be tweaks here and there as I get it set up exactly how I want it, but right now I am really happy with it.

I'm excited to start getting back into blogging and taking it a lot more seriously. I hope you all will stick with me and follow me over there on my brand new website.

New BlogLovin' link: click here

Excited for this new chapter of my online life. Love you guys!

Gender Equality, Feminism, and Sam Pepper | A Little Rant

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Little Rant on Gender Equality, Feminism, and Sam Pepper

Hello everyone! If you are as into YouTube, YouTubers, and Twitter as myself, you might have seen Sam Pepper's video; or at least heard about it. This post is going to be my thoughts on that and Emma Watson's speech at the UN on gender equality. I will also be posting a video with my thoughts on this topic tomorrow.
Before starting off this post, I would like to give a little background about myself. Before this year, I would have never dared to call myself a feminist. I didn't really know what feminism was, but I just knew I didn't want to be a part of it. Last semester, I took a course called Women's Studies, which really opened my eyes. The class made me realize that I was a feminist. The basic definition of feminism is equal rights for women. Now why just last year did I not want to be labeled as one, even though I believe in equal rights? It was because of the negative stigma that seems to be attached to that word. Feminists are seen as crazy man haters. Which I am definitely not.

Emma Watson gave a speech on gender equality at the UN the other day, which I very much agree with. I was fortunate enough to be born into a family that was happy that I was a girl. I was fortunate enough to go to the schools that I did and given the opportunities that I have. Now I'm not a famous actress like Emma, but I believe that every voice counts and I want to do my part

There was a video posted recently by Sam Pepper that I am beyond disgusted with. His 2 minute video shows him pinching girls' butts all in the name of pranking. If you have two eyes, you can clearly see that the girls are uncomfortable. Yes, they laugh; but it's an uncomfortable laugh. They should have never been put into that position. Women (and men) should be able to walk down the street without being touched sexually. I honestly have no idea what I would've done in that position, although, I hope that I would have stood up for myself. We also only saw him do this to a few different girls, but I'm pretty sure there were many other girls that he didn't show on the video.

This isn't the only video that he has sexually harassed women. There's one where he's lassoing girls to him, and another where he was getting girls to make out with him without their permission. I was never a huge fan of his to begin with, but I definitely know I will never be giving my support to him again. It's a very disgusting and vile thing to do. He's dehumanizing women and sexually harassing them, but getting no punishment. 

If you have yet to see the video, please don't look it up. All that does is make him money from views. He doesn't deserve to make money off of sexually harassing girls in public and calling it a prank. I am happy to say that Sam Pepper has now been uninvited from Vidcon and The Fine Bros. have tweeted that he will not be a part of YouTubers React. 
I hope this gives him a wake up call, but I doubt it will, seeing as he has a lot of supporters in the comment section of his video. Surprisingly enough, a bunch of them are women. I'm honestly disgusted and very worried about this generation and how they perceive sexual harassment and feminism.
*Update: I have just found out that Sam Pepper's video was taken down and his account suspended.
Please watch Emma Watson's video on gender quality.
Let me know in the comment section what your thoughts on this topic are. I would love to other opinions.

Thanks for reading.

Shadow of Whales Concert Review | August 30, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shadow of Whales Concert Review

Hello everyone! I'm back with a concert review! I recently had the chance to represent Hit It Off Media and take photos for Shadow of Whales at their concert in Houston on August 30th. They played at Warehouse Live and the show was amazing. I'm so happy that I had the chance to cover their show. I definitely found one of new favorite bands.

Shadow of Whales is an alternative indie-pop band from Austin, Texas. The guys in the band are all very sweet. Jeremy, the bassist, introduced me to all of the other band members and we had a good time chatting with one another. Shadow of Whales was the third act of the night to go on and the crowd was very amped up. Every band member had very good stage presence; they all moved around, had fun, and interacted with the crowd. At times, I realized that I would stop taking photos and cheer along with the crowd.

I'm so glad that I had the chance to meet these wonderful guys and review their show. If you are ever in the area, I would definitely recommend catching one of their shows. 

Have you been to any shows recently? If so, let me know who they are! I love learning about new bands/music. :)


Life Update & Facebook Page

Monday, September 8, 2014

Life Update & Facebook Page

Hello everyone! School is now in full swing. I'm just beginning my third week back and man, is my schedule jam packed with tests, homework, and studying! I just wanted to give everyone a quick update and what to be on the lookout for in the next few months.

This month I plan to get back into my regular posting schedule. I'm hoping I will post at least 3 times a week, but that all depends on how much schoolwork I have, as that is my main priority. I also plan to upload more YouTube videos. I have no idea when I will start vlogging again, I may just do a weekend vlog every couple of weeks or so. Mainly when I'm actually doing something fun. ;)

I also created a Facebook page a few days ago for my blog, YouTube channel, and my photography. I would love if you all could give it a like. I'm excited to get back into writing and filming videos again after not really posting much for the past 1.5 months.

*Note: My UK trip blog posts are still coming, they are just taking some time to put together as my dad hasn't sent me the photos from Scotland. I may just have one or two posts for my trip to Scotland. I haven't decided yet.

Let me know in the comments if you've started school again and what year you are. Would love getting to know you all. :)


UK Trip: Update 6 | July 26-27, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

UK Trip Update 6

July 26: Shopping in Enfield
We got up late again, which isn't a surprise anymore. Haha. Once we got up, my dad asked if we wanted to go shopping, which we said yes too. Once we got ready, we headed to McDonald's to get a late lunch. After eating, we went to Sports Direct, which is a HUGE athletic wear store. It had a wonderful sale going on and I got quite a few things. As we were leaving the store, we saw an ice cream truck, so we stopped and got some. It was delicious and kind of odd since in the US, you don't get soft serve ice cream in the trucks. 

After eating the ice cream, we went to New Look, Clarks, and Tesco. Morgan and Haley had also gone into Boots and another store looking for a restroom. At Clarks, I got two bags; a crossbody and a slightly larger bag. In New Look, I got a shirt, jelly sandals, and a couple of kimonos. I will be posting a haul soon, so be on the lookout for that.

Once we got done shopping, we went back to my dad's house and ate roast beef and potatoes for dinner. It was so good. We also ate mojito popsicles, which were not that great. They had pieces of lime in the middle, which I was not fond of. After partially eating the popsicles, we went upstairs and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.
July 27: London Bridge, Tower Bridge, & Nando's
The day started late again, and after eating a late lunch, we headed to one of the last 'big sites', Tower Bridge. We got off the tube at London Bridge and the first thing we saw was the top of The Shard. We took a couple of pictures there and walked across the road to the waterline and walked across there, towards Tower Bridge.


As we were walking around the area, we found a cool fountain and decided to sit there for awhile. Although once it got taken over by kids, we decided to leave to search for food.

As we were walking to the tube station, we came across these benches. There are 40 of them around the London area, but we only found a few. We read on the plaques, that the intention of these benches was to create a book walk that promotes reading. Sometime in September, the benches will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to a children's charity. The benches were all really cute and such a good idea. They drew a bunch of attention as well.

After we found all of the benches (that we thought we could find), we decided to head off and get some food. I suggested stopping at King's Cross as there were a few places that we saw that time we were there. There was this cool bird cage thing with a swing in the middle outside of King's Cross station, so we stopped to take a few pictures. 

We were heading towards McDonald's to eat, but we saw Nando's and decided to go there instead. It was 'the best and worst decision', according to Morgan. Once we were seated, we sat there for quite a while before we figured out that we had to go up to the counter and order our food. By the time Morgan got her food, Haley and I had already finished eating. I got a chicken sandwich thing and chips, which was really good. I just didn't like how hard the bread was.

After eating, we got back on the tube and headed back to my dad's. By the time we got back, Haley's feet were hurting really badly, so I attempted to give her a piggy back ride.

Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to Nando's and what your favorite dish is there. 

Thanks for reading. 

UK Trip: Update 5 | July 21-22, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

UK Trip: Update 5

July 21: Warner Bros. Studio Tour // Harry Potter Studios
The day began with Morgan being really frustrated and in a bad mood for a variety of reasons. After we got our travelcards, we walked over to a local cafe to get breakfast/lunch that we could eat on the train. I got a ham and cheese panini and some chips (fries). Once we got our food, we began our 2 hour train journey to Warner Bros. Studios. Once we got to Watford, we found out that we weren't in the zones anymore, so we had to get an extension ticket for about £3. They were really nice about it and they could definitely tell that we had no idea what we were doing, so we weren't fined or anything. After we got our extension ticket, we had to pay another £2 to get on the Harry Potter Studio Tour bus.

We got to the Studios pretty early, so we looked around the souvenir shop (it's very expensive), and roamed the lobby. They had photos on the walls of the main actors/actresses. There was two photos for each of them, an older photo (from the first/second movie) and a photo from one of the last movies. It was really cool to see how much they have grown up since the movies began being filmed. 

Once the clock struck 4, we were able to queue up and go into the tour. We were moved into the theatre where we watched a video that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint made that told us about the tour, the sets, the props, and fun stories about when they filmed here. After watching the video, we moved into the Great Hall, which is phenomenal. The ceiling isn't actually enchanted, but it was still cool to see the Great Hall in person.

After leaving the Great Hall, there is a massive room where a bunch of different sets are located. Umbridge's office, Dumbledore's office, the Gryffindor Common Room, The Burrow, and the Potion's Lab, just to name a few. I had already been to the Studios before, so I didn't take very many photos. I enjoyed just being about to walk around and see more of the detail that went into the sets. 

Once we got through the inside sets, we went outside and got our Butterbeer. I have no idea what happened, but the Butterbeer was not good that day. It was really watered down and had a tangy, carbonated taste. It was not what I remembered, so I was very disappointed. 

After roaming outside, we went back inside and saw drawings, models, and concept art that happened before the movies. The amount of artistry in that room was phenomenal. Once we saw all of the smaller models, we went into the room where the Hogwarts castle was. This Hogwarts Castle was used to shoot all of the outside scenes. The castle itself was extremely detailed and you could just tell that it took a lot of time and effort to create. 

Once the tour is over, you are let back out into the souvenir shop. We had the movie passes, so we went to the cafe area and got our hot dogs, popcorn, and drink (which was included in our passes). Once we ate, we went back to the theatre and got to watch The Prisoner of Azkaban. I had never seen the movies on the big screen, so I really enjoyed it.  It was also really cool to see all of the props and sets that we had just seen, be used in the movie. I'm a nerd and think about things like that. ;)

After the movie, we got the bus and then train(s) back to my dad's house. The tour was amazing the second time around and the coolest part was just seeing where the actors/actresses spent 10 years of their life. It really was their "home away from home".

July 22: Nothing But Thieves Concert // Camden Town
 We got another late start today, but what else is new. Haha. After waking up around 2pm, we went to Chimichanga's and got "TexMex" nachos. They were really gross, so I have no idea why Morgan and Haley liked this place so much. After partially eating the nachos, I went to McDonald's and got some food. After eating, we left for the concert in Camden Town. I had only recently heard of this band, so I was excited to see them live. I had also been wanting to check out the local music scene, so I was stoked to finally get the chance. 

We thought we were going to be late, but found out that the show didn't start until 2 hours later, so we went down the road to Costa and got "dinner". I got a frozen lemonade drink thing and a triple chocolate muffin. What a healthy, well-balanced dinner, right?! Hahaha. 

After our "dinner", we went back to the venue and caught a few songs of the opening band, Gallery Circus. They were really good. Nothing But Thieves came on after and I was blown away. The lead singer had a great voice and they all had wonderful stage presence. 

Once the show ended, we began our journey back to my dad's house. When we got on a bus to get to the train station, I tripped and skinned my knee pretty badly. I also hurt my shoulders/arms when I grabbed onto the railing. The bus driver definitely thought I was drunk, even though I hadn't been drinking. Haley said his face was priceless. 

After embarassing myself, we got on a train and thought it was going to skip our stop, which was slightly terrifying, but we were able to get off there. Once we got back, my dad made us late night pancakes, which were sooo good. :)

Let me know in the comments if you've been to any concerts lately and who you saw. I love hearing about new bands. :)

Thanks for reading.

UK Trip: Update 4 | July 17-19, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

UK Trip: Update 4

July 17:  London Eye and Big Ben
The beginning of this day was a little different than the others as we actually woke up earlier than usual. We caught a train and headed to Westminster where Big Ben and the London Eye are. We had a mini photo-shoot in front of the London Eye and I got some pretty good photos of Morgan and Haley. The London Eye was so pretty and I love seeing it while I'm there. At this point, I had yet to go up as the other girls weren't really into it as they had already been up and it was a tad expensive. We had planned on taking a river cruise, but the line was so long and we didn't feel like waiting.

After chilling in front of the London Eye, we walked over to Big Ben and the House of Parliament and took a few photos also.

We then went over to St. Mary's Cathedral, which was filled with tourists. After taking more pictures, we were hungry. We wanted somewhere less touristy and cheaper to eat, so I suggested hopping on the tube to Finsbury Park as it looked like a decent area.

Once we got to Finsbury Park, we found a little cafe called The Park, which was coincidentally across from the park. It was really cute, small, and completely empty. The owner was super friendly and the food was really good.

Stole this from Morgan
After eating a jacket potato, we decided to go to the park and walk around for a little bit. The first part of the park was fine, but once we walked past a certain point, the people were not a friendly or welcoming and we decided to head back really quick.

July 19: Jim Chapman Meetup // Hyde Park
This is one of my favorite and least favorite days. My most favorite because I got to meet Jim Chapman, which we were (well mainly me, as I love Jim and Morgan had no idea who he was) really lucky as it was a total surprise meet up. I found out the night before and Morgan and Haley decided to tag along as it was in Hyde Park and we had yet to go there. The beginning of the day was okay, Jim (or his management) changed the location of the meetup at the last minute, so all of the fangirls ran to the map screaming. It was really funny, but then we found out that the location was all the way on the other side of the park. -__-

Once we got to the other side of the park, the line was really long and it was really hot because we were standing directly in the sun. It was kind of fun being in the line though as we were the only Americans, so we were surrounded by people with accents. Haha. We finally made it to the front of the line and I got to meet Jim Chapman. We were rushed, so I really only got to say 'Hi' and 'Bye'. He smelled really nice though. His security guards were also really sweet. Wish I had had the courage to grab a photo with them.

After the meetup is when the day got gradually worse. We were attempting to get out of Hyde Park to the tube station, but there was a protest going along the street. Which meant that every exit in Hyde Park was blocked off. That was really frustrating. It was also super hot and I hadn't had any water or food that day, so I was dehydrated. So basically we walked about 5 miles within Hyde Park to get out. Fast forward an hour; we FINALLY got out. Although once we got to the tube station, we found out that the line we wanted to get on was shut down for maintenance and we had to walk from Hyde Park Corner to Green Park (which is about a mile) and catch a different line. I was already really frustrated, so this did not help at all.

We weren't ready for this photo, but I thought it was cute/funny. :)
We eventually got home, where I immediately took a shower and changed into some old cheer shorts and a baggy shirt. Morgan and Haley decided to go out and find some food, they eventually found Chimichanga's where they shared nachos. I stayed at my dad's house and edited one of my vlogs/watched some YouTube videos. For dinner that night, my dad had brought KFC home for dinner, which I'm not a fan of, so I ate some salad and went to bed.

I vlogged these 2 days, so if you are interested, you can watch it . ;)

Let me know if you've ever met any YouTubers and what your experience was like. :)

Thanks for reading.

UK Trip Update 3 | July 14-16, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

UK Trip Update 3

July 14th: Museums
The night before (July 13th) we decided that we would head to South Kensington and go to a couple of museums. We went to the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum, both in South Kensington. They were both wonderful, although I wish there had been AC in the building as it was really hot that day.

Natural History Museum

Outside of the Natural History Museum

This is right by the Hyde Park Corner Underground Station.
I didn't take many pictures at the Natural History Museum as it was pretty dark in the building. I was also playing with all the cool things that they have in there. ;)

July 16th: Covent Garden & Trafalgar Square
On the 16th, we took the train and then the tube to Covent Garden and looked at the cute, little market that's there. We found a couple of things that we are definitely going to go back for. We then walked from Covent Garden to Trafalgar Square and took a few photos there. Haley started feeling unwell, so we hopped on the tube near there and went home for the day.

Let me know in the comments where your favorite place to travel to is. ;)

ALSO! I'm vlogging my entire trip, so if you are interested in seeing my vlogs, here's the link to the playlist I created for this trip. The London Vlogs Playlist
Thanks for reading!