Small Talk

Monday, April 14, 2014

Small Talk
My friends in Dear You wrote a song about something that has happened in my life that I am just beginning to be able to speak about. It's called 'Small Talk' and it is a perfect representation of myself and what I've gone through these past few years. With my permission, they have released this song through their Soundcloud and Tumblr account. Here's a link to the post about 'Small Talk'. When they first sent me the song, I listened to it straight through twice before I told them what I thought. I immediately fell in love with it and it being about my struggles just made it 10x better. I will admit that I cried a little when I first heard it.

Chris and I were able to connect through this song as we have both gone through something similar. Like Chris said in the tumblr post: "I will say however, that if you’ve dealt with parents divorcing, it hurts. It’s so confusing. Watching a new family form with other people, watching your parents slowly resent each other, trying to stay strong for everyone because it’s all you really can do…its tough on a person."

This song has touched me so much and I will forever share this song with anyone who is willing to listen. The reason why I agreed to let it be released is because I have a feeling this song could help someone who is going through struggles in their life. It doesn't have to be divorce (which is what this song is about). People can relate to this song no matter what is going on in their life. That's the best thing about music.

Chris explained this song much better than I ever could. "The point of the song in my eyes is to explain the things that you don’t get to say when everyone is talking over you and fighting and in the middle of it all, and to ultimately circle back to hoping everything can be better, realizing that forgiveness is necessary to return to normal, and being okay with the fact that its not great yet, but its good and getting better. Being okay with the small talk for now."

Chris was able to take the words that I have never been able to say and put them into a song. I will be forever grateful for that.

So thank you, Chris (and the rest of Dear You).

'Small Talk'
By: Dear You

I can't lie and say I haven’t changed at least a little bit
I doubt you could say we've all stayed somewhat the same
Over the last four years
It’s been around for much longer, all the lights were burnt out
But nobody had the heart to knock on the door
And keeping quiet pulled this house apart

Sometimes I wonder if we could ever be closer
It’s hard to shake the feeling that we were easy to replace

How is the view from London this year?
If I concentrate enough it’s like I’m right there with you
I’ll do my best to forgive if it brings us together
Until then I’m okay with small talk about the weather

For a while it was hard to get over all of this change
How can I forgive you if I know who you really are?

Does this prove that my heroes exist?
Cause it scares me how quickly people can change
I was fast asleep back then but now I’m wide awake

I’m doing what I can to be bigger than this
I see hatred and hurt and all it does
Is bring us down

If I have to move mountains just to feel at home again, then so be it. I’m ready.