UK Trip: Update 1

Saturday, July 12, 2014

UK Trip: Update 1
Welcome back everyone! It's been quite a while since I've updated y'all on what's going on in my life. I'm currently in LONDON! We got here on Wednesday (July 9th) around 11am. That first day, we went to the little shopping center, in the town where my dad lives, and looked at all of the stores. We mainly went into Boots and got a few hygienic products that we hadn't brought with us.

The next day, July 10th, we got a one day travel card and rode the train to Finsbury Park and got on another train to King's Cross. We walked around the King's Cross area and mainly looked at all of the building/architecture. We then went back to the tube station and hopped on the tube to Piccadilly Circus where we ate at a wonderful little Italian Restaurant called Mediterraneo. The restaurant was adorable and the food was fantastic. We shared a pizza and bruschetta.

View from our table

We then walked around Piccadilly and found an H&M where we all got a few things. I got a dress (that was on sale) and a romper that you shall see very soon. :)

The next day (July 11th), we went to Oxford Circus and walked around. We found a Primark where I got a parka, as it was raining a little bit and didn't have an umbrella. I also just wanted an excuse to get a cute, white one. After Primark, we walked around some more and ate at a Whole Foods. I got a slice of pizza and some fries (or chips as they would say). We then hopped on the tube and went back to my dad's house. We were all very tired, as we hadn't slept well the night before. Our bodies are adjusting to the time zone and how it is still light outside at 10pm. We are also doing A LOT of walking, which we are not used to.

I hope y'all enjoyed this update (they will get better and have more photos). Let me know of any places that you think we should go to while we are here in the UK. We are planning on doing more touristy things (like Big Ben, House of Parliament, Tower of London, and such), but I'd like to know more of the non-touristy sites.

Thanks for reading.