UK Trip: Update 4 | July 17-19, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

UK Trip: Update 4

July 17:  London Eye and Big Ben
The beginning of this day was a little different than the others as we actually woke up earlier than usual. We caught a train and headed to Westminster where Big Ben and the London Eye are. We had a mini photo-shoot in front of the London Eye and I got some pretty good photos of Morgan and Haley. The London Eye was so pretty and I love seeing it while I'm there. At this point, I had yet to go up as the other girls weren't really into it as they had already been up and it was a tad expensive. We had planned on taking a river cruise, but the line was so long and we didn't feel like waiting.

After chilling in front of the London Eye, we walked over to Big Ben and the House of Parliament and took a few photos also.

We then went over to St. Mary's Cathedral, which was filled with tourists. After taking more pictures, we were hungry. We wanted somewhere less touristy and cheaper to eat, so I suggested hopping on the tube to Finsbury Park as it looked like a decent area.

Once we got to Finsbury Park, we found a little cafe called The Park, which was coincidentally across from the park. It was really cute, small, and completely empty. The owner was super friendly and the food was really good.

Stole this from Morgan
After eating a jacket potato, we decided to go to the park and walk around for a little bit. The first part of the park was fine, but once we walked past a certain point, the people were not a friendly or welcoming and we decided to head back really quick.

July 19: Jim Chapman Meetup // Hyde Park
This is one of my favorite and least favorite days. My most favorite because I got to meet Jim Chapman, which we were (well mainly me, as I love Jim and Morgan had no idea who he was) really lucky as it was a total surprise meet up. I found out the night before and Morgan and Haley decided to tag along as it was in Hyde Park and we had yet to go there. The beginning of the day was okay, Jim (or his management) changed the location of the meetup at the last minute, so all of the fangirls ran to the map screaming. It was really funny, but then we found out that the location was all the way on the other side of the park. -__-

Once we got to the other side of the park, the line was really long and it was really hot because we were standing directly in the sun. It was kind of fun being in the line though as we were the only Americans, so we were surrounded by people with accents. Haha. We finally made it to the front of the line and I got to meet Jim Chapman. We were rushed, so I really only got to say 'Hi' and 'Bye'. He smelled really nice though. His security guards were also really sweet. Wish I had had the courage to grab a photo with them.

After the meetup is when the day got gradually worse. We were attempting to get out of Hyde Park to the tube station, but there was a protest going along the street. Which meant that every exit in Hyde Park was blocked off. That was really frustrating. It was also super hot and I hadn't had any water or food that day, so I was dehydrated. So basically we walked about 5 miles within Hyde Park to get out. Fast forward an hour; we FINALLY got out. Although once we got to the tube station, we found out that the line we wanted to get on was shut down for maintenance and we had to walk from Hyde Park Corner to Green Park (which is about a mile) and catch a different line. I was already really frustrated, so this did not help at all.

We weren't ready for this photo, but I thought it was cute/funny. :)
We eventually got home, where I immediately took a shower and changed into some old cheer shorts and a baggy shirt. Morgan and Haley decided to go out and find some food, they eventually found Chimichanga's where they shared nachos. I stayed at my dad's house and edited one of my vlogs/watched some YouTube videos. For dinner that night, my dad had brought KFC home for dinner, which I'm not a fan of, so I ate some salad and went to bed.

I vlogged these 2 days, so if you are interested, you can watch it . ;)

Let me know if you've ever met any YouTubers and what your experience was like. :)

Thanks for reading.