Paradise Fears Battle Scars Acoustic & In the Round Tour Review | February 20-21, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sam Miller (lead singer) and Michael Walker (keyboard)
Paradise Fears Battle Scars Acoustic & In the Round Tour

Shows I went to: 
Houston- 2/20 at House of Blues in the Bronze Peacock
Dallas- 2/21 at The Prophet Bar in The Door
I've been a fan of Paradise Fears for over 2 years now and this tour has been unlike any other that I have been to. You can tell a lot of thought was put into how the show would be laid out. The stage is set in the middle of the room with the crowd surrounding it. You are then encouraged to get as close to the stage as possible, but being mindful and courteous to the bands on stage. (So no grabbing/pulling the band members... *winks*) This is certainly different than any other tour they've done. Usually there are barricades and space between the crowd and the stage (for protection, of course). I really loved how intimate the Houston show was. We were the smallest crowd of the tour so far, but it was really nice.

The Prophet Bar in Dallas, TX (Taken with my iPhone)
For the Houston show, I was lucky enough to be right up against the stage between Jordan Merrigan (guitar) and Cole Andre (vocals/guitar). I was able to get some really nice pictures (Check them out!). The venue was somewhat large, but because of the small crowd, it looked ginormous. This was good for the post-show meet and greet as there as a lot of room to move around/spread out. The Prophet Bar in Dallas was incredibly small and the layout was not very well thought out. The show was held in the smaller room (The Door). For this show, I wasn't in the crowd. I was mainly hanging out at the merch table with my friend and then I went to the crowd to try to take some nice pictures, although the lighting was terrible and I wasn't able to get any (*sad face*). Another thing that's different than any other tour Paradise Fears has done is that they pull up one lucky fan to sing with Sam to the song Yours Truly. I know other bands have done this (or just pulled someone on stage and sang to them), but Paradise Fears hasn't ever done that before. I don't think it would have gone as well if the tour hadn't been set up like it was.

Marcus Sands (bass)
The highlight of the tour for me was when Paradise Fears covered 'Hallelujah' because four out of six of the members sang. Sam and Cole obviously sang, Michael also sang during the song, and then Sam gave Jordan the mic and oh my goodness. I have never heard Jordan sing with as much passion as he did during this song. It was easily my favorite part of the entire show. I get chills just thinking about it.
Jordan Merrigan singing during 'Hallelujah'
Overall, the show is fantastic and definitely worth the $25 ticket price. If you live in Arizona, they will be playing at the Nile Underground in Mesa today (February 23). Y'all should definitely go check them out if you can.

Rest of the tour dates:
February 23 // Nile Underground // Mesa, AZ 
February 25 // Chain Reaction // Anaheim, CA 
February 26 // Assembly // Sacramento, CA
February 27 // Kilby Court // Salt Lake City, UT

Check out Paradise Fears! 

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