March & April Birchboxes Opened!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

March & April Birchboxes Opened!

I'm so late to getting this blog post up, that's why I have both March and April together. This won't be really a review as I haven't had a chance to use all of it, but for the products that I've tried out, I will for sure let y'all know what I thought of it. So let's get started, shall we?

March Birchbox

The first thing in the box was the little card that comes in every box that tells you exactly what each product does and how much the full size products are. 

The next thing you see when you remove the wrapping paper is the Caudalie and Coola products. The Caudalie product is a Moisturizing Sorbet. And the Coola product is a BB Cream with SPF 30 in it. I have yet to use these products as I haven't ever used a BB Cream before, but everyone raves about them. Maybe I should give it a go..? ;)

The next item in the box was a 'surprise' product, Jergens BB body for All Light Skin Tones. I've heard so many good things about this product and plan to use this for when I go to London this summer. This BB Cream is for your body and helps to correct your skin tone. 

The next item in the box is the air repair Rescue Balm. I actually have used this product. I used it when my lips were chapped and on my elbows when they were dry. The product works really well. You can use this product anywhere on your body where it is dry or chapped. While I did like the product, I'm not sure I would buy the full size as it is a little pricey.

The next product is the Agave Healing Oil Oil Treatment. I have yet to use this product, but have heard good things about it. I'm not sure I would purchase the full size though, as it is definitely on the pricey side.

April Birchbox

The April Birchbox came with a couple of products that I have used already and really like. The card that comes in every Birchbox was especially cute this month. Every Birchbox also came with a little card that gave you a tip on how to make your rainy day bright. :)

The first item was another 'surprise' item. It was the KIND Healthy Grains Maple Pumpkin Seeds bar. I haven't tried this as I have to make sure it doesn't have any nuts in it. I recently found out I'm allergic to almonds, so I'm staying away from all nuts for the time being until I can go to an allergist.

The next two items were the Salon Technician Color Care shampoo and the Color Club nail polish. I have yet to use the shampoo as I keep forgetting it when I get into the shower, but I have used the nail polish and I really love it. It is really easy to apply and stays on for quite awhile. I didn't use a base coat or a top coat, so I was surprised at how long it lasted until it chipped.

The next two products were the How 'Bout Them Apples? Cheek & Lip Cream in the shade Pie and the Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner Crayon in silver. I haven't used the eyeliner as I don't usually play around with eyeliner colors, but am interested in trying it out in the next few weeks. 

I have used the Cheek & Lip Cream on my lips and I really really love it. The pigmentation is really good and the product is really smooth. Also, the color is just perfect. I'm excited to try it out on my cheeks next! :)

And that's it for my Birchbox unboxing post. Let me know in the comments if you have a subscription to any beauty boxes and what you think of them. :)

Thank you so much for reading.